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It is a medieval town full of interesting sites on the border of Poitou-Charentes region

            One will enjoy the old main town center with it's fortified tower and church, all of thi situated in a most attractive aera... (Angles/Anglin, Chauvigny, St Savin, ...)


    The first European watering-place for dermatology

      Every year about 10000 patients come here in the two different spa centers.
      There is no need to prove the effectiveness of the "Velvet Water" for the spas have existed for over five centuries. Uptil now La Roche-Posay is the only watering-place that has obtained the ISO 9002 qualification.


      11 hotels, 2 hotel residences and many furnished flats are available

    Leisures activities...

      They are many... There is a 18 holes Golf course, a Casino, a Balneotherapy center et... A RACECOURSE